About us


The Association of Legal Entities called Manufacturers of Mechanical Security Systems was founded on the 6th March  2001. Founding members were companies FAB a. s., ROSTEX VYŠKOV, s. r. o. and TOKOZ a. s. Later also the company HOBES s. r. o. joined the association. 

The main activities  supported:

-    security increase in the Czech Republic
-    crime prevention
-    standardization of mechanical security systems.

Vladimír Bajer from FAB a. s. was the first Chairman of the association.

The current members agreed to change the Articles of the Association and changed the name to Czech Association of Locks and Building Hardware in 2007. It is the Czech national voluntary interest association. TKZ Polná, spol. s r. o. and BERA s. r. o. became other members. Vladimír Chládek from TOKOZ a. s. was elected as a new Chairman.

After merger of BERA s. r. o. and ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia s. r. o. (FAB a. s.) in 2011 the current list of members was reduced to five companies:  TOKOZ a. s., ROSTEX VYŠKOV, s. r. o., TKZ Polná spol. s r. o., HOBES, spol. s r. o. and ASSA ABLOY Czech & Slovakia s. r. o. Vladimír Chládek reamined  the Chairman of the Association.

The main activities of the Association

  • Creating opportunities for meetings of colleagues in the field, discuss interests, problems, possibilities of cooperation in the following areas:

-    Cooperation with insurance companies
-    Creation of industry standards
-    Cooperation with state institutions
-    Exhibitions and fairs
-    Marketing surveys
-    Export activities
-    Protection from unfair plagiarism and copyright infringement
-    Cooperation with certification authorities and institutions
-    Be an expert opponent authority in certification or other legislative processes and activities concerning members
-    Issuing EPD certificates and protocols, etc.
-    Creation of legal barriers for the protection of the domestic market for the benefit of domestic producers
-    Cooperation with other interest groups
-    Raising awareness of MEZA´s activities

Association´s organs

  1. Membership meeting
  2. Chairman
  3. Secretary

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How to become a new member?

  1. Send an application for membership to the address of the Association.
  2. The application is discussed at the membership meeting.
  3. The following conditions must be met:

-    The membership meeting decides to accept a new member by at least 70 percent of the votes of all members of the Association.
-    A new member accepts the Articles of Association.
-    A new member pays an entry fee of 15 000 CZK.

The admission of a foreign member (outside the Czech Republic) is possible only with the agreement of all members of the Association.


The Czech Association of Locks and Building Hardware Manufacturers – MEZA